Monday, July 30, 2007

My Letter to Esnips - UPDATED

I wrote a complaint/support letter to Esnips. It read:

"I have a few issues:

1. Frequently I get an "Apache Tomcat" error when uploading.

2. My readers say they get corrupt files. I upload the same exact zip to another hoster and don't have any problems.

3. Some of my readers end up not being able to download because your site says they have to be members to download from my account. Most of my readers are not members of Esnips. I'd say out of a 100 readers, maybe 10 have this problem - 10 too many.

4. Readers find my description of the files hard to find, especially if I don't write much, missing out important facts about the file.

5. How about a "view all files in this folder" option? Instead of showing a handful then an option to jump to another page. My readers sometimes miss parts because they have to travel to another page.

6. They also miss files because they jump back and forth from the folder to the download page. Why not be able to download from the list in the folder view without opening a new window to download (less clicking, less bandwidth)?

Thanks for your time,


I hope this helps.

How many of you have problems with Esnips asking you to be a member? I know there has been problems with that before - months and months ago. How did you solve that??

For those having a problem, try clicking the "My Esnips Homepage" link and browsing through my folders. The latest files are under Miscellaneous. My Esnips screen name is holly48446 in case you need it. Signing up is free and you don't have to really use the account. If you sign in and choose the remember me function, it signs you in forever.

UPDATE: They responded to me...

"Dear user ,

1-2. What operating system and browser are you using? Please use either explorer or firefox browsers for best site performance. If these problems still occur when using one of these browsers please let
me know and give me more details and screenshots if possible so that I can find out where are the problems and look into solving them.

3. Unregistered members can only download files that are not video/ audio. Downloads for all types of files are available only to registered users.

Please log in to make downloading available.

4-5. You can choose to display the folder’s content : list, details, thumbnails, one by one : (their photo I couldn't copy - yet they totally missed my point here, being that my details of the file blend into the webpage with all of their other gibberish that my file description goes unnoticed)

6. I will pass on your suggestion to out developers."

Oh - and the Esnips people need to use their spell check, I did here and corrected a few typos, lol!

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Potion61 said...

I have had an E-snips account for quite some time and had to set one up to download. Not having one I could only download 1 file.
I love my E-snips account as it has allowed me some extra storage for my pictures as well the ability to share them with family and friends in countries that don't have high speed for downloads to their computers. Also I'm able to store my kits and papers that I have purchased and only I have access to them.
Best feature is that it is FREE and I don't have to pay for their services.