Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Name Game

I found out why my files on 4Shared were tagged as "copyright or illegal content". The files were called Crazy Stripes, which included the "bad word" strip. Makes you think twice about how you name a file.

Also, I felt like such an idiot... normally I am so good about things that have to do with spelling. I use my spell check for my blog and through my scrapbook software. Gimp doesn't have spell check. Well, I made a few layouts for a friend and I spelled her name wrong twice - Tracy and Tracie. I have about 4 friends named Tracy so it's hard to keep their spelling straight. This was a slap in the face because I am such a stickler. This came after I was asked to judge some layouts for a challenge in one of the forums I belong to. I deducted points from someone who had some wonderful journaling but in what must have been 200 words, spelled about 10 of them wrong. Why put that much work into something and have everyone focus on spelling? In titles, filenames and such we do use artistic license, this wasn't the case. I felt bad, she just felt like we were picking on her. We nicely pointed it out. I mean, her LO's were gorgeous otherwise and she knew it. She didn't win the challenge, though an admin did give her a very nice freebie of her choice for having such a great submission.

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