Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Yeah, once in awhile our lives have to go off topic, put down the mouse, do the dishes and play with the kids. When I'm not doing this stuff and I have spent time with the kids I will watch a movie and blogsurf. The movie drowns out the kids yelling at each other and arguing over who is "stupider". I have no idea what the movie is about once the beginning credits disappear as I am now entering the "Blog-Zone". For the last couple of days I have been reading this blog and some of the blogs she links too. I laugh so hard. The link below is to a post that put tears in my eyes and gave me some great ideas for scrap pages (which brought me here to share). You have to read the whole blog though.

Word of warning: there's cussing and craziness, so for those easily offended, please don't shoot the messenger, just surf on...

Mom-101: Too Young For Chutes and Ladders, Too Old To Just Sit There While You Drink

And when you are done with Mom-101, the next one has to be Bite My Cookie.

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Mom101 said...

Hey, thanks for the (way too) kind words, mama, and for getting through all the cussing and craziness. I can't help it! It just spills out of me when I look the other way.