Friday, July 06, 2007

Papers Galore

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I'm cleaning out my closets and uploaded a bunch of papers to 4Shared. I tried to keep the files small but some papers are as large as 10 megs. These are just papers I was playing with and didn't make a kit from, versions I deleted from kits or ones I made for a specific layout. Normally I just put these on a monthly membership CD for purchase but I am needing the HD space and really in no mood to compile a CD right now. My laziness is your freebie.

The list below just explains what the files are. I'm only linking to the main folders and not to each file. Sorry for the extra clicking, but "that's the cost of free". SE stands for self-explanatory and the number is how many papers are in the file.

Aqua White Tan Plaid - 1 - SE
Big Dots Pgs - 7 - SE
Christmas Pg 1200 - 1 - A 1200x1200 forest green page with a tree and doodles on it (this is in the holiday items folder)
Christmas Tags06 - 9 - scalloped tags with clips on them, reds, greens, purples (this is in the holiday items folder)
Crazy Stripes 1 - 6 - Just some funky color combos from earthy to bright
Crazy Stripes 2 - 5 - SE
Crazy Stripes 3 - 5 - SE
Crazy Stripes 4 - 5 - SE
Curlies - 6 - Pastel rainbow swirls, used green in my bubbles LO
Diamond Grid - 13 - reds, blues, grays, tans, whites, browns, palette matches the tools mega rak from Rakscraps back in January-ish
Diamonds - 9 - match above but pattern slightly different
Distressed Papers 1 - 6 - cloudy darker pastel prints, cool colors
Distressed Papers 2 - 5 - same but earthy colors
Dotties - 7 - small dotted semi-dark "brights"
Floral Stitch Blue - 1 - a dark colored page with a floral stitch pattern
Floral Stitch Brown - 1 - SE
Floral Stitch Fuscia - 1 - SE
Floral Stitch Green - 1 - SE
Floral Stitch Purple - 1 - SE
Fuscia White Blue Plaid - 1 - SE
Green White Purple Plaid - 1 - SE
Jaz Pg Green - 1 - a floral embossed doodle pattern in pastel lime green
Jaz Pg Pink - 1 - SE
Jaz Pg Yellow - 1 - SE
Marbles - 3 - blue, dark orange and darker pink marble patterned pages
On Off Text Paper - 1 - red page with on and off text in white, used in my Switch LO (in Rak gallery)
Red White Blue Plaid - 1 - Largest of the 3 plaids
Red White Blue Plaid 2 - 1 - Medium sized plaid
Red White Blue Plaid 3 - 1 - Smallest plaid pattern
Retro Patterns - 10 - Black, pinks and blues with some funky retro 50's era styled doodling
Rubbed Denim - 11 - darker solids with a smudged denim pattern, subtle texture
Spring Wave Pg - 1 - more of a QP yet a full jpg sheet with pink, peach, purples and blues with a flower and a wave ribbon

Loose Papers Folder on 4Shared

If asked for a PW then type in vault.

***PROBLEMS WITH 4SHARED should be fixed now***


Dawn said...

I'm getting a "file not valid" message from your 4shared links to the loose paper folder and the holiday folder. Is it me, them or the link?

Thanks for all your freebies! You are awesome.

Anonymous said...

The striped paper all has the copyright warning so that you can not download it. But, TFS and the ones I could get were great.

Maria said...

Thank you for the lovely freebie! Your post has been added to the list of freebies at

RosieB said...

great freebies, thank you! 4shared is obviously having problems as I got the copyright warning for the striped papers. also a few other glitches but those sorted themselves at the second attempt. Thanks so much!

Dawn said...

yes, today the file is available, but needs the "vault" password. At least 4Shared is teaching me patience! lol