Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Passwords and Permissions

Again I have about 7 emails asking for the password. It's the same password I used a few posts ago. I have someone posting my graphics on Photobucket and distributing them in a yahoo group. You have to read my post to find the password to that particular file. I am not going to say "the password is fruit" because the snatch and grabbers use a search tool to find the words download and password. Many web bots also look for key words like password and email addys. It's not that hard to find the password if you just read the posts.

Why did I password protect these? Because you are able to search 4Shared by typing in "elements", "alphas", etc. Using that way you have no way of finding the designer's blog (just email addy). I use a password that's not obvious to just anyone. I'm not using one that is part of the kit name or my email, but easy enough that my readers would know it or be able to find it here on the blog. I already knew all of this - others are finding out too (read here).

So why do all of you have to find our blogs? Because if there's a problem with the file, or if there are new parts added later and for more freebies in general, you can get them. And for us that have stores you can help support us by making a purchase here and there. And most of all... FOR THE COMMENTS. My last blograk at Raks has ZERO comments. I want to know what you like so I can offer more of that and less of whatever else. I don't want to waste my time making things two people want when I can be making something 200 will use. Makes sense.

Oh, and about the Photobucket pics that are my graphics - Jenna, you need to password protect that album since searchers are not able to find my blog from here, that is a violation of terms I gave you. You have them up there as usable graphics, not the items specific for the blog pages you are designing. If you are NOT Jenna and you have them posted you'd better remove them unless you are using them for your website and yours only and then password protect that album. I have already contacted Photobucket about one user who has ignored my emails - she knows who she is.

Even if you don't ask permission to use my graphics on your blog or website, you must put a LINK BACK to my blog. If I see your site with them and a link then I will link you back here (more traffic for you and your store). If there isn't a link, you need to add one and I will send you an email. I don't expect each layout uploaded to have my name in the credits. I make 'em and upload them weeks or months later, forgetting where I got them, so I understand. Same thing for avatars and siggies, just post my link on your blog or if you don't have one then post it in your siggie somehow.

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