Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Custard Rose Kit Papers

Here's the Main Folder for the papers. In it are subfolders for the rest. I'm not posting each individual link. You may only want some of these or may not download all of them due to size. I did try to give detail as to what was in each zip (usually only 2 papers). As the colors are textured they changed a bit and I did this on my laptop since the desktop doesn't have internet, so I may have been off a bit describing the colors.

These are the rose textured papers. They come in each color of the palette.
Rose 1 = blushy pink and red-brown
Rose 2 = coral and red
Rose 3 = 2 darker pinks
Rose 4 = wine and dark blush
Rose 5 = 2 yellows

This set has a bouquet pattern and come in each color but one (too dark).
Bouquet 1 = dark red, dark yellow
Bouquet 2 = light yellow, red
Bouquet 3 = coral and pink
Bouquet 4 = 2 pinks

Here's a marbled textured collection, also in each color.
Marbled 1 = red and wine
Marbled 2 = yellow and dark red
Marbled 3 = tannish yellow and dark bright pink
Marbled 4 = 2 pinks, one light one dark
Marbled 5 = dark pink and coral

Solid colors plain and with a canvas texture.
Solids Txt 1 = All plain plus a wine and darker pink
Solids Txt 2 = dark red-brown and pink
Solids Txt 3 = yellow and pink
Solids Txt 4 = red-brown and dark yellow
Solids Txt 5 = coral and pink

Patterned papers with a texture and without.
Flat 1 = plaid and swirled (melted look)
Flat 2 = flowers, small dots, squiggles
Flat 3 = solid and hollow flower, gellie flower, big and small dots, callalillies
Flat 4 = "commas", leaf, deco, daisy, chain doodle
Flat 5 = diamonds, retro, polkadot, victorian wallpaper, stripe
Textured 1 = diamonds, plaid
Textured 2 = victorian wallpaper, swirled (melted)
Textured 3 = flowers and deco
Textured 4 = retro and squiggles
Textured 5 = polkadot and daisy
Textured 6 = both dotted sheets
Textured 7 = solid and hollow flower, leaf
Textured 8 = gellie flower and stripe
Textured 9 = "commas", chain doodle and callalillies


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Rae said...

Thank you. I love anything that has a rose in it.

Sabrina said...

Wow. I really love the quality and range of your papers. The rose and marble papers were both incredible. Thank you for sharing your time and talents.