Monday, August 27, 2007

My Other Blogs

I have two other sites that I just posted links to in the sidebar.

One is Gimp Tutoritals, which is more that just tuts, I put everything Gimp related over there. There's also a link on GT for a scrapbooking site where they do the layouts with Gimp. I've done a few but I primarily use Scrapbook Factory for my layouts, however, in Gimp the quality is better. In the end, Gimp's scrapbooking shortfalls are out-weighed by the quality. (My Gimp layouts look better on DVD than the SFD created layouts.)

The other site is called Needful Blog Things. It's where I put blog headers, templates and links to blog tools. Right now all I have up are headers. They are free for you to use but please ask before you use them to make websites for other people. I want to make sure a link-back is on the site somewhere. That shows where you got it from in case someone else wants one or if you forgot where you got it and want a different one.

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