Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rainy Day

A migraine kept me away from my computer and the rain kept me from taking the little boys on the rides at the carnival today. Other than catching up on some sleep and doing some house cleaning, I accomplished nothing.

My usual path on my computer consists of reading email, checking forums, maybe getting some freebies or buying a kit, blogsurfing then I hit the scrapbooking (making new stuff or doing layouts). I got as far as surfing and crashed. I'm liking how the new kit is coming together, well the brushes and patterns at least.

I did find this site while out. Wow... I wish I could do something like that!

I thought I'd share. I'll be back soon with another freebie, probably an alpha from my files if I don't get the kit done by Tuesday. Then it might be a week for another freebie. We have school registration, photos, yearbook committee, marching band and athletics to deal with on top of everyday life.

Oh - for those in Michigan, it's the bridge's 50th anniversary and to walk the bridge on Labor Day weekend is the 3rd. It's free. I'm so going! I've always wanted to go. For more info click here. And if you want updates on the fire up north check out Radio Eagle or Superior Sights (check out the aerial photos link through NOAA here).

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