Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sassie Sherbie Kit

[Files uploaded to Esnips, who has a bandwidth limitation, but for those newbies - my stuff never expires!]

I'm finished, yay!! There are a lot of goodies for you. Here's the main folder but below I am trying to put the actual download link (not download page), so give me some feedback if it works or not, broken links and what-not. Not everything is shown in the previews. This kit has many items usable on boys layouts and with tons of elements and 3 alphas, there's plenty of room for creativity and multi-page layouts.

Several papers in solids and prints as well as a handful of overlays to create your own papers. There's 1-2 items per zip.

Overlays 1 - Overlays 2 - Overlays 3 - Overlays 4
Overlays 5 - Overlays 6 - Overlays 7
Papers 1 - Papers 2 - Papers 3 - Papers 4
Papers 5 - Papers 6 - Papers 7 - Papers 8

I reused my dom bold chain link alpha templates in this kit. I offered these before in a chrome and gold. If you haven't grabbed them, they are in the archives somewhere. Anyway, I have broken chain links so you can create your own chain or link to the chains I included. Alpha 3.

Solid colored slides (not shown) are included in the zip with many patterned ones. Alpha 1 in steamer font has numbers and punctuation. Alpha 2 in fantastic font, no numbers and some punctuation.

I made my usual round and square buttons. Heaploads of them of course.

Tons of dingbat elements and borders. Some are brushed metal or glass. I was playing around and threw them in anyway.

Stick pins, doodles, frames, dottie borders. Lots of goodies. Don't forget to grab the Misc Zip that has the previews, palette and credit tags in it. No examples or blog backs this time.

(Some items may not be linked but items are included in a zip somewhere.)


Julie Ann said...

Thank you very much!!! These are awesome :)

Betty said...

Thank you so much for the downloads. You are very talented and generous. The direct download likes worked beautifully. Again thank you.

Sue said...

Thank you - what a wonderful kit!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

Taryn said...

Thanks for sharing, as always. I love the direct download links. It makes downloading a lot easier. Keep up the good work. =o)

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an awesome kit! Thanks so much for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else having problems downloading these files? I am getting a "Maximum Daily Bandwith Exceeded" message for all but two of the downloads? Any thoughts???


bebopgrandma said...

Some of the links didn't work or it is me. when I clicked on some of them like Alpha It wanted me to open a accout with this company. Is anybody else getting this too? Well any way cute kit. thanks for shareing.

Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for this awesome kit!!!
Couldn't get it yesterday because of bandwith reached BUT I got it this morning without any problems!!
BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!

larkd said...

WOW! This kit is huge. Obviously a lot of work. Thank you for sharing it.