Friday, January 18, 2008

Ditters Doodles Name

I was asked twice now where I came up with the name Ditters Doodles. Obviously, the doodles part comes from doodling around making graphics. The ditters comes from my 3 oldest boys from when my 3rd was first born. The twins were only 2 and a half at the time (nearly 17 now, wow). A conversation with them ended up with me saying "Baby Josh" and "Little Josh", in turn they said "Ba-bee Dosh" and "Ditter Dosh". That baby is now 14 and has been a source of ideas for my scrapbooking and also the one that has spent time with Nicholas, now 2 and a half, while I have scrapped or designed stuff.

Along with that I give you four ideas and send you off to Janeal's Corner for her templates that you can use along with these themes. Everyone has read an ABC book (you know, A is for apple), well, that's cute an all, but why not add a personal touch?

Instead of A for apple you can do a book that has (if you can) a page for someone in your family - like mine A is for Allie, B is for Bob, C is for Chris. We fortunately have X for Xandar and I can do Z for someone but I have to travel way back in my family tree - no photos but I have a story.

The second idea is to do an A-Z book about things that are important to your family, like A is for afternoon walks together, B is for baby showers, C is for Christmas Dinner.

Third can be one about places you'd love to visit, real or otherwise.

And the fourth idea can be a heritage one.

Okay, since I started typing this I came up with some more ideas: do an ABC book of recipes, the year in review, your favorite things... I could go on.

For some great examples of recipe pages check out Helen's blog and stop by her Deviant Art gallery (link on her site). I love how she takes photos of the food in progress - I do that too.

I'm off to scrap now.

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Jody said...

THank you for the ideas to scrap ABC - very helpful in getting my thinking cap in gear.