Sunday, January 13, 2008

Closet Raid Jenny

My example of "When I Was a Teenager". Yeah, that's my bedroom, but it's my best friend in my closet borrowing clothes. Here she is with the heavy hair-sprayed bangs and spiral perm. I'm sure she was wearing boxer shorts and two pairs of socks.

Nothing in the photo is mine. The papers and tag are from A Lang at 2Peas, bent frame was titled 'rahmen', clip unknown, flowers from BSMIT and the border was from Rhonna Farrer. I added a white border to my photo before I did the layering with the frame. I purposely tucked things between the photo and frame. For some reason it just looked better IMHO.

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charming4106 said...

omg! I just found your stuff and been downloading,half of which I have yet to look through...but I love this LO. I completely remember all this stuff! still love bon jovi~ I had sooooo0o- forgotten about the 2 pair of socks trend! wow! thanks for a great memory re-visited~ my friend's name was sara and I wish I had this kind of photo~ thanks. Shelly in Ohio