Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Site of the Week

I belong to a local scrapbooking yahoo group and one of the gals posted this link. It's mainly with paper scrapping in mind although I know all of us digi-gals can use them too. I haven't yet, but thinking opening it up with Gimp (or for many of you Photoshop) and between using layers and the selection tools, these page maps can act as a template as well. Another idea could be for the newbie scrappers, put this down on your scrap page first (if in image format like jpg, bmp or png) and then layer your items on top of it - bringing the template to the top occasionally to figure your next placement, deleting it when you are done. I teach digi-scrapping from my home and using templates flattened or someone else's layouts as a template, using this method, is how I get them in the groove. Once they do a few like this they really get the bug and can "take the training wheels off".

Here's the link to Page Maps.

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