Friday, February 22, 2008

Snowflake Mat Comment-Response

I got an email about the snowflake mats. She said she loved them but wanted to tuck photos under the spikey parts. I will see if I can remember how I did these and recreate them as png borders. I don't think I'll limit myself to snowflakes, I may add butterflies, stars, hearts and flowers - maybe more.

I upgraded my Gimp program to 2.4 and everything doesn't seem to be working correctly with this build so I may have to do it on my laptop that has 2.2 on it (but is slower). Thinking of uninstalling it and going back to 2.2 on the desktop (the zoom machine). I'm doing things for me today. I will explore this tomorrow (Saturday).


Anne of Alamo said...

i am real new to photoshop, but couldn't she duplicate the item(the one with spikey snowflakes, and erase the eraser with * should clear the color in the back?and have her picture sandwiched between the two layer of spikey flakes?

I could be completely wrong, but that was my thought?

tuttujudi said...

some people don't scrap with photoshop just with a scrapbook program that won't let them alter files like that