Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Two Page LO Tip - Paper Scrappers

We all know I blog surf and love it. I got to my blog and up at the top I hit the next blog button on my blogger bar. If I ever lose it, I hit the back button on my browser and then hit next again. Sometimes the same blog comes up, but I find some really interesting stuff on there that way.

One of the things I found was a gal who likes to do two page layouts but has a hard time getting the pages to line up right when she binds them. She likes to have some page elements go across from one side to another.

She starts her layouts on 12x12 lightweight cardstock backing. She takes a piece of paper that may or may not show in the final project and runs that across the seam, the smallest size being 4x12 (2 inches overlay on both sides). Then she scraps her page, avoiding putting items that can't be cut on the seams. When she is done, she takes her big sheet cutter (her photo showed one of those our teachers used in elementary school with the big scary blade, lol) and she cuts it down the seam. When she put these in the pockets in her book they had nice clean lines from page to page. She did have one with a photo cut across the seam that was a nice touch in the end.

I thought it was a neat way of keeping the papers together. I've tried lining things up from page to page before and had paper stips crooked or off a tad. With me being the perfectionist, it bugged me.

I didn't think to post it here until this morning and I just can't find her blog again to post that post link here (I read a lot of blogs last night).

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Sandy said...

thanks so much for stopping in at my blog.

I see you have four boys....me too!

I now have four grandchildren, each boy gave me one...

I see you have lots of blogs, I'll have to check them out when I have more time.