Monday, March 03, 2008

Irony or Hypocritical

Pattyf56 is a known pirate. She has tons and tons of 4shared links and DIRECT links (known as hotlinking) on her site. Unauthorized use of our downloads. It's not like Maria and Digi-Free that collects freebies and redirects you to their blog to download. Nope. On her blog you don't have to go to ours at all.

While I was out surfing her blog looking for anything that might be mine and letting some designers know about her along the way, I happened across this little notation that had me falling out of my chair. Clicking on the photo will get you the entire screenshot.

If you are a designer, please go to her blog and see if you can find your things. She has things somehow were for sale and only for sale that you can download from her.

Pattyf56 - if you are here reading this - we got your number. Don't you even dare pulling things off my site. I will be checking yours often. Many of us have sitemeters that allow us to see IP addys and we will know when you visit and snag our things ILLEGALLY. I don't care what country you are from, copyright infringement - THEFT - is the same no matter where you live. You are taking credit, stealing bandwidth and stealing potential sales from us. Many of us sit at home and do this to make ends meet. Some are raising money for a cause. You, my dear, are stealing from us and our families and that makes you a VERY BAD PERSON.

Problem is, there's many Patty's out there.

TIP FOR DOWNLOADERS: If you look at 4shared, you'll see an email address or a name associated with the file. If that doesn't match the source of the download link, you might want to think twice about it. I wonder how many people thanked Patty on 4shared for a design from someone else?

Anyway, thought this was funny, serious, irritating and educational.

Back to our regular scrapbooking fun - I'll have some new freebies up today or tomorrow. It's so warm outside our 2-3 foot piles of snow are melting. Hard to stay indoors and do chores.

UPDATE: Hey ya'll - I found Patty's My4shared folder!!!! Lookie here if you are designer and see if you can find anything of yours. Her email is and her photobucket account is here.

UPDATE TWO: As I surf through her whole site I get more and more angry. Misty Cato, Shabby Princess, Weeds and Wildflowers. She's stole them all. Her 4shared folder has SP kit in it. We all know SP doesn't use 4shared. Anyway, the photo below was something SHE made and posted 10-3-2007. Now how darn funny is that???

I just checked my email and some feedback from a few that I have contacted had said they have added a password to their 4shared so her readers have no choice but to click on the bloglink or to find their blogs in order to get the download, therefore the freebie is then offered by the designer, not Patty.

I'm going to add that she has some trashy avatars. One stays on every blog page - the one with the red bra, but as you go back towards October there's a bunch of "NC17" rated lovelies of boobies and crotches. She's got a whole lot of class going on. I suggest surfing her photobucket account first. It seems that all of the previews of the stolen goods are hosted there. I completely went through her entire site and photobucket. I've even outted her on 4shared, giving credit to the real deals.

Found over at NBK's blog (she got stung too) this link to Libero's Support Page.


UPDATE March 4th: An Email I got -

Hi Holly, smiles

I read about this pirate, and found if you google her ID name, pattyf56, tons of stuff comes up, lol

Found her Fotki site, for storing pictures and such....

Click on the "about" in the left column, it tells where she's from, but not much more.

There's alot of other links at google too, some I don't understand, but it looks like she gets around, haha

I'm sorry this has happened to all these artists, and I see you posted a pirate's list on the side bar, lol... good for you, smiles

Just thought you might be interested in seeing what's out there about her at another site, the fotki one.

Have a good day tomorrow... huggs, sarahjan


I noticed with Photobucket, Patty is using ID Pattyf956 but mostly she uses the name without the 9.


Another Email -

Holly Ann,

If you write to photobucket they will take down her image and put up
and image that says "this image violated photobucket acceptable use"
which then appears on her blog - ROFL.

Mine have been replaced.

Love it.

Rendered Memories (she was hotlinked from her paid domain)


OMG! Thank you for letting me know! I will email her and change my link!!!

Thanks again I really appreciate it.

Twinky's Dezines (she was hotlinked from her paid domain)



glued2mybook said...

we all should post her things on our blogs like she does ours

Anonymous said...

This is horrible. I'm new to this. I want it to be fun not to be stolen from. I had downloads for couple years. Seems passworded is the fix until she posts those to.

snowraven's cave said...

Hi, I work with Lilybelle together in a forum and on a collab kit and she told me about the piracy. If you don't mind I will also mention this on my blog and post a link to yours. The more scrappers are informed about this, the better.
I've been lucky so far and have not discovered any of my designs, but that could change any time.
So if you agree I will do a post regarding this and a link to your blog.
Hugs Snowraven

Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

Thanks for being vigilant! Together we can knock the knickers out from under these thieves!

Take care!

~HJ said...

Be my guest, link away! That's exactly why I posted this. To get rid of people like this. It's our business how we want to handle our freebies. No one else has the right to do what she's doing. From the recent posts she looks all dandy with the 4shared and blog links but further in she has direct links to the zips and no blog links. And the very beginning of her blog she actually posts renamed, rezipped files hosted on her own 4shared. Not cool.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Netta said...

I just contacted photobocuket to request that her account be permanently suspended...I gave them the links to her account and to this blog.


mandymystiques said...

Thank yo so much for letting me know about this!It is really sad that people have to abuse our hard work like this.I have also notified 4shared and will notify photobucket as well!

Margie said...

I have followed this thread from RakScraps. I have to say that I didn't know this kind of thing could happen. Kudos to you all for trying to catch and stop this person.

xashee's corner said...

i congratulate you for taking this on!! and what a GREAT job you have done too!!! THANK YOU!! although none of my kits were pictured in her photobucket area, i am apalled for all the designers i did see there, STILL! i, too, will be posting this on my blog, in hopes of getting the word out! again, thank you, i agree about watching each others backs for just this sort of thing!!! HUGS!!!!

Frances said...

This is so aggravating. I use a lot of the freebies I download - but for myself only. I wouldn't even give them to my mom! How sad is this. :( Glad you are letting everyone know about her. It's sad when it ruins it for everyone.