Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Reply to the Anonymous Hybrid Scrapper

You can still get the items others create over at RAKS and that's where my contribution will be once I get back from playing carpool mom. Even if you don't want to digiscrap it, you can paperscrap a layout with the same or similar colors, scan it, upload it to photobucket or post somewhere (like your blog or in a gallery in Raks, whever). A scanned paper page does still count. Do you already have one done that has at least 3 similar colors?

I chose these bright colors because I was doing a 1980's page (and these are so 80's for the Punky Brewsters out there) and because it's a challenge - trying to get you out of you comfort zone. You'd be amazed at what you come up with by scrapping something you wouldn't normally scrap.

I hope that helps you and any others.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, didn`t know you could upload paper scrapping, thanks for the info!! I`m new to all this computer stuff, still learning.