Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Revenge of the 80's Color Challenge

This is the latest challenge item I have started. It's time for something bright and springy. The challenge is hosted over at Raks and the post in the forum is here. In order for you to download the contributions you need to be a member. However, you can participate even if you are not a member or a scrapper. Send me a link to your layout gallery showing a layout done with anyone's kit having AT LEAST 3 of these colors in it. On March 20th, I will be giving out the contribution freebies. So those that answer this challenge only on my blog needs to email me their link so I can reply with the download link and password to your freebie. Rak members will be PM'd there on getting the gift.

PLEASE!! Do not ask me for the kit without sending me a link. Some of you have been asking for the Warm Fuzzies kit without a gallery link. One of the reasons why I ask for your layouts is because I like to see what all of you are doing with my creations, also I like to see what you like so I can make more of that. You can't base that on thank you's and download stats alone. I have been ignoring emails asking for something when they haven't read the post.

In short - do what the post asks, send me an email with the gallery link, then I'll reply with your gift. It's not about creating a layout with the gift.


breeoxd said...

HI! Just read your post and I have a question.. How does a scrapper get a "gallery" i read alot about them and I just dont know what is required and its a little confusing to me. I love digiscrapping but more and more designers want to see this stuff but the only thing I do is save them in my flickr account. Help please? Breeoxd@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I hate digiscrapping, so i guess that counts me out, I print out everything I download. I guess that old saying is true after all, if everybody liked the same thing, there`s 1 person out there that`s gonna be left out. I do however like your work!!