Tuesday, April 22, 2008

File Hosters Update

Here's a list of file hosters. Some are free, some have bandwidth issues, some have total account size limits, some are per file size limit, some have pop up ads and a few may have ads that are not family friendly. I have tried to only list those that do not have a bunch of garbage. In parentheses I have put an additional tidbit about the site. I've listed them here even if I don't like to use them. This post is about options and what works for you. Feel free to post more sites in the comments as I will be using this post in my right column as a sticky post. Oh, and list those you Blacklist and why.

http://www.filefront.com/ (maximum 1 gig files, no storage limits)
http://www.4shared.com/ (account limits, deletes after 30 day no log in)
http://savefile.com/ (60 meg limits)
http://www.spread-it.com/ (14 day file life, 500 megs each)
http://www.box.net/ (low bandwidth and storage limits)
http://www.yousendit.com/ (very short file shelf life)
http://www.sendspace.com/ (expire after 9 days dormant, several clicks for file)
http://www.rapidshare.de/ (wait for download tickets, soft porn)
http://www.dropload.com/ (doing site work right now)
http://sendthisfile.com/ (lots of clicking to get download)
http://www.putfile.com/ (has gone 'youtube')
http://fileupyours.com/ (bandwidth limits, 100 meg storage limit)
http://www.zupload.com/ (sometimes you don't get your links, large files ok)
http://www.filesupload.com/ (popups, 100 meg start up storage)
http://www.transferbigfiles.com/ (1 gig files, but 30 days expiration)
http://sendmefile.com/ (some limitations with free account)
http://www.filesavr.com (new site, can't access your account pmt info yet)

And if that hasn't satisfied you... here's a site with a bunch that I haven't surfed:


Here's my BLACKLISTED (for whatever reason, mostly due to porn):

MegaUpload (porn and adware)
TurboUpload (scumware ad tactics)
Esnips (porn ads)

[Note that those were not linked.]

BestSharing, Files-Upload and MyTempDir are gone. RapidShare bought MKShare.

Please read the comments section because others do post suggestions there.

DIGI-FREE NOTE: Digi-free does link back to this list, although I have had problems with my freebies not showing up when I only used Filefront, even though she knew the site existed. If yours are not showing up, please read thru her FAQ's to make sure you are doing what you can to fix it. If that still doesn't work, then email Maria. It takes her several days to respond so be patient. She has a day job. This site is a hobby and research project for her.


orachel said...

WOW! This is one heck of a useful post!!! GREAT IDEA!

Tammy aka bunchie said...

TY for the lists. I have a webshots account but it's just for photos. I didn't realize you could do file hosting there. I will have to check that out. I only use it for jpg's.

LilyBelle said...

Great list, Holly, and it represents a lot of your time and effort. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is great info...I am new at this and only know about 4shared...which I use w/o problem except always worry that I'll forget to log in Q 30/days...LOL!
TY for sharing w/us.

vellathewench said...

Thanks for the list of file hosts. There is more that you dont have listed i thought you might want to check out. fileden.com and filesavr.com

WillowRaven said...

A newer free file sharing site has come out and am discovering a lot of people are using it - including myself - and it's not listed here, and I think it might be why my last 2 freebie scraps have not been picked up by Digi-Free. The site is called FileSavr - the link is: http://www.filesavr.com/ Would it be possible to have it added to the list? It is a free uploading/file sharing site.

Thank you!!

Angel said...

Please add www.mediafire.com to your list of file hosts... I am hoping that this is the reason my freebies have stopped being posted to Digi-Free. Thanks... it is a free uploading/file sharing site