Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Designers Two Pirates Zero

Check this out:


I would like to thank the gals for taking this blog over. Many know her as NBK, well she was stung again by pirates but was able to fix the problem with the help of probably some of my readers as well. I haven't surfed much in the past month so I "missed out on the fun" (sarcasm). I am just happy to see that this pirate's blog was shut down and that her future visitors will be welcomed by her old blog explaining her absence and the type of person she is. She'll probably try to set up shop again, which is fine as long as her shop is with her creations and she links back to our blogs.

I don't know one designer that doesn't want the link to his or her site or store shared. Share our sites, please. Many don't mind you show a copy of the preview of a kit that you love. Some of us are literally feeding our kids with the money we make here (and some may be saving for their ticket on the space shuttle - right Tree?). And because we may give something for free certainly doesn't make it okay for you to take and share the file itself.

Think of linking to our sites as a gift that keeps on giving.

Anyway, isn't it a lot of work to download, reupload and host the stolen files anyway? Some gals just need a new hobby.

Congrats gals on a job WELL DONE!!

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