Monday, May 12, 2008

Scrapping Tip

Here's a great tip if you're bored, uninspired, wanting to scrap and just stuck.

This works very well especially if you don't have a photo in mind yet.

Surf for layouts you like and save several. Sort through your collection of scrapbooking supplies for kits with similar items as in the layout.

It is important to remember that the layout you are scraplifting may be much smaller than the image size you need to be working with. You can stretch the example to your layout size, which will distort it. That's okay, since it's only a guide. If you are working with an image manipulation software such as Photoshop or Gimp you can use filters to take the example, desaturate the image and add the cartoon filter. This will give you outlines and may be better to work with. I'd keep a copy of the original layout just in case you do need to go back to it.

Open up your scrapbooking software and import the layout you want to work with. Layer on each piece as you like it, exactly as it is in the layout or to your liking. When you are finished, you can either add your photos or save this for later.

Saving: Make sure you save this in layers (do not flatten). Gimp will be an xcf file, Photoshop a psd file, Paint Shop Pro will be psp, Scrapbook Factory will be sbk. You can always save a flattened jpg preview in case your layered format doesn't allow for thumbnail viewing in Windows (like Gimp and Scrapbook Factory). You can also save these files where you put your quick pages so you can easily find them.

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