Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Dawn tagged me. Her blog is new but she's on a couple of CT's and will get some things up there soon, so bookmark her or check out her sidebar links.

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Since I am so swamped today, I am only doing 1 and 2. I can't possibly do 3 and 4 right now.

7 Random Things About Me:

1. I've lived within 15-20 miles of the same place all my life.

2. I'm named after my birthday (Holly Dec 24), my mother (Ann from MarieAnn), my father (Frances for Francis aka Frank). Yeah, my full name is HollyAnn Frances. Sounded great when I was 5 and in trouble!

3. I am literally 7 days away from total financial disaster and finally admitting it to everyone is one step towards my ability to deal with it. Hiding it from others also allows you to hide it from yourself. I just realized that. Problem is, I don't have any loans or credit cards and less than $5000 debt on my credit report (90% medical).

4. Taking on 4 more children and having another one when I entered a new relationship has totally changed who I am, rather who I was. I was a lot cleaner, more organized, had a better memory, less stress, I was unstoppable. Now I'm stressed and angry quite often. My whole body is suffering for it as well as the kids. Sometimes I just want to leave. I want to go out an find that girl that I was and admired. Instead I take 3-5 mile walks at the end of the day to shake it off.

5. I want to find a model car of every car I have ever owned and paint it the same way as it was when I had them. Including a 1978 Monte Carlo, butterscotch color on the bottom, butter color on the top... and two black doors. I was 16 and the car was free.

6. Speaking of cars... gas was 72 cents when I was in drivers training (1988). I could drive for 2 weeks on $5 and most of that was change from the ashtray. In 2002, gas was about $1.20, but today in the Middle East gas is about 50 cents American and here in Michigan it's $3.91 - it went down 10 cents. I no longer drive if I don't have to. I walk because it's free, it's healthy and it's one of the ways I can say I saved the planet.

7. One day I would like to rebuild the house I live in now. Either restore it and get it on the National Historic Registry or build from scratch what it was or should have been (there's a lot of remodeling weirdness that has happened to this 155 year old jewel).

I think I managed weird and random. Jerry Springer wasn't an option, so I left that dirty laundry out, roflmbo!

Speaking of laundry, I have 8 loads to do today.

Freebie? Soon. I have to make some. Now my external is bad (it got knocked off the dresser). Not all is lost, if anything. Just no money to bring it in yet. So, I'm starting off new.

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