Tuesday, June 03, 2008

If I were a scrapbooking supply...

I'd be a brad!

Your life is all about the details! You like to embellish your life like you embellish your scrapbook - with lots of details! You tend to be a perfectionist and like everything just so. You make time to stop and smell the flowers and try to fill your life with things to make you happy. You don't like to take a back seat in life - you like to stand out and are often in leadership roles. People love you because you always seem to have it all together. But Brads Beware - Your life can be overdone with details and can find yourself with too many projects on your plate to finish them all. Try to stay focused and prioritize more.

Yeah - another quiz that I tried to find fault with but again is right on the money.

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Jody said...

Yes, life can be overdone with details!