Saturday, June 07, 2008

Tagged by Bunchie!!

I was tagged by Bunchie a while back but my mind goes off on tangents. When I was cleaning out my email I found her post. I am only going to do the random things instead of tagging someone (I know, I copped out before too, it's a time thing and a thinking of someone who hasn't been tagged thing). Feel free and tag yourself if you want (roflmao).

Without further ado:

Here's the rules (I'm breaking a few).

Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random, some weird and put them on your blog. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and leave their namesas well as links to their blogs. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. My shoe size has been a 5 1/2 wide since the 7th grade. And my hands are tiny too. Older children (9-12) have hands larger than mine. My right pinky finger is almost 1/4 inch shorter than the left.

Click on pic for larger detail.

2. My car is a 1993 Olds Cutlass Ciera. It has only 112,000 miles on it, gets 23 mpg and is paid off. It hasn't had major repairs to the mechanical parts, except we hit 2 deer with it, someone at the auto races hit me in the parking lot (when I was parked) and a city plow truck rear ended me. Other than looking like a rust bucket, it's a great car. Everyone tells me it looks like heck and to get a new one. Why, when it costs me less than $3000 a year to maintain.

3. I have a scar on my right wrist that many think is from a suicide attempt. I was pushed and put my hand through a window when I was 12 and the scar didn't heal right. It doesn't tan so in the summer it really stands out.

4. I have found the weight I lost again (it was next to my laptop apparently). I don't have the support I need from my family to allow me to take my walks. It's the 3-5 miles a day that was slowly taking the weight off. I'll do it someday. I just wish someday was today, as I sit here in my swimsuit feeling like a hippo. I'm up to 155 again with a 27 bmi. I should be 120 according to experts. My goal is 125-130.

5. I really don't like reality shows or MTV, but for some dumb reason I find myself watching the Bachelor, Next, Rock of Love (my girl won 2nd season), Next Top Model, Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, Runway, Make Me A Supermodel (Frankie is so much like my son Josh in looks and personality), etc.

6. I take photos of everything. Heirlooms, local landmarks (like those signs or buildings that are not historical but you always looked at as a kid and some day may wonder what happened to it). And old school houses, textures for scrapbooking, every interesting part of my house (it's 155 years old) and of course my kids.

7. Sometimes I have a favorite when it comes to my biological kids. Each one is my favorite for a reason, but none of them are favs for the same thing. "Will-formerly-known-as-Bill" (17) is my dependable one. He's my Eeyore, oldest and thoughtful son. Ryan (17, Will's twin) is my architect, techie-dude, my creative one and has been surprising me with taking a new interest in being responsible. Josh (14) is my teddy bear. He's always been on the honor roll until this last marking period. He's into sports and helps me with the little boys all the time. Nick (3) is my cuddle bug, clown, spaz, and sneaky little turd. I can count on him to put a smile on my face. Each one of my children fills a need I have. Another unknown fact is that my 4 kids have 3 fathers and I'm friends with all 3. I get a lot of crap about it. I lived with each of their fathers before I got pregnant. I was 18 when I had the twins, just shy of my 21st birthday when I had the next with my then husband (together for 10 years) and 32 when I had my last. I'm still with his dad after 5 1/2 years.

BONUS 8. I'm somewhere between normal and a Jerry Springer show. Oprah would probably love to get her hands on my story. I have a couple of secrets that would make Charles Manson think I'M CRAZY. It's not that bad. It could be worse. I haven't killed anyone (that could be because I've never been that good at gardening and have nowhere to put the bodies, lol).

So there you have it. More weird and random about Holly.

Ending this post with one of my favorite quotes:

"Normal people frighten me"


bobsboo said...

thank you for sharing your randomness as it brought a smiles to my face

Suzi said...

Normal people frighten me too! lol
Thanks for the giggles :)

Tammy aka bunchie said...

Thought I would fall out of my chair laughing when I read your random facts from being tagged! One of my friends wears a size 12 in little girl shoes (she is 54) and my pinky is bigger than her thumb. I have wore a size 7 since the sixth grade and now between 7-9 depending on type of shoe and who makes it! I weigh 175 and would love to take off the weight but....well still working on a good excuse as I don't have kids and my furbaby loves to walk. Charlie Mason and I could just about be cousins with some crap that's happened around my neck of the woods and yes I am from WV like him too. Scary isn't it? LOL! So I got a big kick out of that one! Jerry Springer lives in my family or at least should and normal people scare me too! So, as you can see, I did almost fall off my chair when I read your information! LOL We aren't the crazy ones-the "normal" ones are! I would like to make you a quick page from your dolphins! I will send it to you and see what you think. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you. Or did I misunderstand the message you sent me. It was late and I wasn't thinking clearly. I get what they call fibro-fog sometimes.

Bekha Brady said...

I am so glad someone else feels the way I do about my children. I have favorites and feel bad about it. Now I know others feel the same as I do. You explained it like I feel. Important and favorite for reasons not mean ones. I feel normal now. Oh wait not normal, don't want to frighten you. Thanks for the laughs.

Carole N. said...

Oh my gosh! I was ROFLOL while reading your random facts. THANK YOU for giving me my daily giggle.

Thanks, also, for the Digitreat add-ons. They are wonderful.