Sunday, July 13, 2008

Green Doodled Frame

Just a quick freebie. I was going to use this frame in a layout I was doing using things from the Digitreats Run series but chose not to. To download just click on the photo to view larger version and right-click and save that one. It's a png file. No drop shadow was added. For my QP gals feel free to snag and use in clusters or as is on your pages. You can recolor.

NOTE!! Although my TOU are not obviously attached to this file, the non-CU one I usually include in my zips apply to this frame. This is a PU only unless you are Dawn, Tammy or Sassy.

Monday and Tuesday I don't have to work. I want to make some alphas, how does that sound? I'll do ten sets. Post your color/pattern and font suggestions in the comments. I want to know things like floral, plaid, striped, glass, grungey... what is it you need for an alpha and are looking for?? I'll see what I can do. I'm the biggest alpha-addict around if all of you haven't noticed.

If any other designers that do read my blog on a regular basis want to jump in and make some of these requests, be my guest. Alphas for some are like shoes for others - can't have too many, rolfmbo!


Anonymous said...

U must be online too! I need something for a wedding page just not cursive yet still fancy?? I must have shoes and alphas. Patsy

Anonymous said...

thanks for the frame!