Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hello There!

I have a wonderful neighbor, if you didn't know already, who is sharing his wireless connection with me, BUT I can't hog the bandwidth on the weekends when he's gaming.

So instead I'm passing along facts from an email tag from one of my silliest scrappin' stalkers:

1. Real 1st Name: HollyAnn
2. Natural Hair Color: blonde (shhh!!)
3. Place lived the longest: Lapeer, Michigan
4. Biggest fear (besides death): Dropping keys or cellphone in elevator crack or storm drain
5. Biggest (legal) addiction: duh.... scrapbooking
6. Weakness: see number 5 and chocolate
7. First Car: borrowed 1978 Monte Carlo, two tone brown, black doors
8. Shoe Size: 5 1/2 wide
9. Favorite food/restaurant: Italian
10. You won a million dollars, first place you'll spend it: repaying charities that have helped me, like Ronald McDonald House-Children's Hospital Detroit

I'm not taggin' just a few - I'm taggin' all of ya! Now you go copy and paste to your blog and answer them. If there's something you don't want to answer then change the question.

Tomorrow I'll have the kb's to upload a template at least. Maybe two. I'll try to think up a favorite scraptip too. Ya know, it's been a while since I highlighted a font. Think I'll do that as well.

Sometimes I'm a genius (no, not really, but it's fun to say that!).

I live in a delusional world covered in chocolate.

Well, my padded cell is ready.

I'm just so kidding. Not being able to let this energy loose on a new scrapkit and uploading it is driving me bonkers. I think there's some truth to this internet addiction being another form of mental illness. Would it be wrong of me to bring my laptop to meetings?

G'nite gals!

PS Someone please notify Spell Check that scrapbooking IS a word and the Internet may be a place, but I don't think it has to be capitolized.

Oh, and a favorite line that I was going to make word art out of:

"I'm not out of shape, round is a shape!"

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Jody said...

LOL YOur blog brings smiles to my face this morning. Happy to see you are keeping your spirits up even though you are going through semi-withdrawal. My laptop goes EVERYWHERE with me! LOL