Saturday, August 30, 2008

Site of the Week

I was out blog surfing, reading some of the digi-blogs I love to browse through - not just to download, they have some really great gab going on. Well, at Ellie Lash's blog there was this entry about creating layouts and how hard it seems we are on ourselves about "perfection". I think the article said it beautifully!

Just a note about that same subject: I took one of my earliest layouts that I didn't journal on and redid it. I only wanted to add the journaling but there wasn't any room. I still liked the page, however since lost all of the items I used in the layout. I didn't want to start over or make a page 2 (nothing matched it quite right), so instead I kept the original yet used the whole page as a "photo" on the page with the journaling. I wasn't a big story teller on my first layouts. I let the photos do that. Now I know better. Sometimes you have to stop and tell the story.

[Blogger spell check doesn't like the word journaling either, no matter how I spell it.]

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