Monday, September 22, 2008

A Different Way of Looking At It

This and That:

Last night I was surfing Digifree for something similar to a request kit that I can't get to right away. She's making birthday cards. From what she says, she sits down and creates a bunch of cards and prints them out. She sticks the cards in folders marked with the months on them. If her mother's birthday is in May, she puts the card she made for her mother in May. Christmas ones in December. You get the idea. These are all personal use, she isn't selling them. She used my Spring Birthday kit and my Crayon kit in the past but was looking for other things. Instead of creating these for her, I said I knew someone had something like that, so off I went.

While out blogsurfing, I caught up on some fellow designers I admire. I even had a dejavu moment where I thought I had seen something of mine on another blog. It was just a case of great minds think alike or imitation is the best form of flattery. Either way, it was her work 100%.

I read their posts and browse through their comments. One rude comment stood out. A first poster noted how many downloads and that she was the first to comment several hours after the gift was posted. By my visit, there were about 700 downloads and only 14 comments on the blog, 32 on the hoster. The rude commenter rebuttled to say that "she" doesn't have time to say thank you for each and every download and that there's always so many files she has to download yet. I had to laugh. I look at it from a couple of directions, a downloader and a designer. As a downloader, I say thank you more than I used to but honestly, not every time. I will if there aren't that many comments. I'll make a point of saying thanks when many haven't. I just think that once there's 22 pages of thank you's, mine has gotten redundant and that's when the designer in me says there's ### many downloads and for each download is a person who thought "I have to have that". And by creating something someone wants, whether they say thanks or not, they are still showing that designer that they like them and appreciate it by clicking 'download'.

On that note, I say those that stop to say thanks, those are the ones who fell in love with the creation or the designer. Those that 'snagged and grabbed' a freebie are those that like what you do and most likely will be back. It's still a vote for you, the designer. And when you see your stuff in a forum, you feel even more special.

Designers are catering mainly to those that give us the feedback and the numbers do help in telling us what you like and don't like. Not saying thank you isn't something I'll take personally. What I do take personally are the ones that take the time to say thanks and those that have emailed me. Those gals know what benefits there are when you send me an email and make my day - I return the favor usually in the form of png's.


mitch1066 said...

Well said:)
I'm addicted to blogs,theres so many creative people out there.I have only two friends that craft so coming online is my inspiration.Thank you for sharing your skills and your creativity.

Aleah'sMommy said...

I stumbled on your blog while blog surfing the other day. I just stopped by to see whats new & read this post. I have made several QP's & Brag Books out of designers free kits with their permission. I have had 1 or 2 comments & over 50 downloads. I agree with you that with that many downloads there are at least that many people out there that like them. I only get a few comments here & there, but its enough to know that people do like the things I have made.