Thursday, September 25, 2008

Font Spotlight and Templates Up

I'm still having trouble uploading zip files of any size but I am still posting the previews for the templates with little "how to's" over at Totally Templates. Two more are being posted after I post this. I will upload the zip files with the png's, xcf's and psd's as soon as I can. Since the internet is a source of income for me, it's priority to get it back up. In the meantime, I am going back to spotlighting some fonts, working on putting together actual tutorials and even though I can't upload them, I am working on new and old projects. Tammy, still picking at your photo and Dawn, your kit has been started and I'm in LOVE with it so far. Old kits are being updated, ie paper size, dpi issues, stray pixels I've found and if I am able to, upsizing the alphas and some elements that I'm finding small. My earliest kits things were smaller than I knew to make them. For newbies, yes, you learn as you go.

On to our fonts!

appetite font
I think this is a fabulous font. It's a neat, organized font, yet it has a scribbley, grungey undertone to it. I think it's perfect for those layouts where you want something clean but not too clean.

My Yahoo Search for the appetite font.

blackadder font
Great for the upcoming Halloween season, this font has a shakey handwritten feel to it. If you are doing genealogy layouts, this font would be great for the journaling on your ancestors going way back to and before 1500. I've read documents from that time frame and it is a perfect match for the style. After 1600, the handwriting is a bit more calligraphic, less arthritic.

My Yahoo Search for the blackadder font.

Here's a site that has info on old handwriting styles.

Great tips on reading old handwriting can be found here.

You can google the internet for more info.

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