Friday, September 19, 2008

Off Topic - Colder Weather

As a daughter of an appliance repairman, I wanted to remind all of you to clean your appliances. They run hotter when cluttered with dust and dirt. Hotter means harder and that means more electricity. It shortens the lifespan of your appliances too.

Computers are no different. Spend the $20 and have it done, especially towers in homes where there are pets or smokers. Homes with hardwood floors seem to have more dust for some reason.

I also wanted to mention that right now is the time to have your furnaces checked out - before you really need them and before the furnace guy has so much to do you have to wait for an appointment, sometimes days in advance.

If you have to put plastic on your windows, start buying a pack here and there every time you are at a store that sells them. By the time you need them, you won't have to pay out a ton of money at once, nor finding out the store is sold out. You could always start hanging the plastic in some windows that you rarely use, before you need to. If your house is like mine, it would take a whole day for two people to winterize it. (I know, plastic on windows, glamorous.)

Have fun. Stay warm. End of my Public Service Announcement, lol.

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