Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

Good morning gals (and those few awesomely creative men that scrap too):

I'm somewhere cuddled up on this rainy weekend finishing off the Cocoa and Cream kit. Yes, I heard the yays (and the one who said 'finally', lol).

In the meantime, do me a favor and make this a habit...

Go to your forums, nose around, find the help thread, help someone out and then browse the galleries. Give those posters that don't have any comments to their layouts a comment, especially if they are newbies. Make a point to comment to layouts that have zero comments. We all like to know what others think of our creations.

I made a few comments to someone's gallery. She was new to all of this and was getting frustrated. As she said, others were getting all of these rave reviews and she wasn't getting but one or none. She wanted to know what she was doing wrong. I told her nothing. I did encourage her to save her layouts in layers so as she learns and develops a style, if she ever wanted to go back and update a page she could. This is good for those typos we don't catch until we have uploaded the layout to 57 forums and submitted to a magazine. But really, you meant to spell Mom as "Mim" (giggle, snort).

Now, off you go. Start posting the love and share your knowledge with a newbie, even if you are one too. You never know where the right trick or inspiration will come from.

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mitch1066 said...

I agree ,i love the whole RAK idea and i'm certain that within the crafting gene theres something about sharing and helping.I have yet to meet a crafter that isn't generous ,helpful and caring!Well done for reserving a whole post for this subject:)