Thursday, September 25, 2008

Scrapping Tips

Have you even been in a creative mood yet the photos are uninspiring?

Have you thought of taking the kits you have downloaded and making your own quick pages?

You can merge all of your layers and leave them as a png or if your software allows, leave it in layers so you can come back to it later if changes have to be made.


After saving as layers, flatten out and create a jpg preview so you can find it easier.

Put your previews and working file in folders named for a theme, such as Christmas, Birthday, name of your child, specific month or season.


If you don't want to scrap, open a notepad document and start journaling. You can copy and paste these into a layout and alter the font later. Use the same filing methods as you do your quick pages. Scrap your journaling. No photos needed for every layout. Don't have a photo for the theme? If you can't take one, do a google search and use the extra large images option only (for best quality pix).

Did you have something when you were little but no photos? Again, google.

Did you move, have a fire, flood or major weather event and lose photos? Have you thought about contacting your local paper where you lived at the time and ask them to print a request for photos from old friends and neighbors? How about looking for old friends on Myspace or wherever and see if they have any. Some schools keep a wallet sized copy of photos in the student's file for each year. You might be able to get copies, in my case they just gave me mine since I was 29 when I asked. I have had the photographer that took the photos for the school actually find and print the photos I never got (Dad didn't send in photo money, so I didn't get any pix for that year). The school will have the photographers contact info.

Dig out your keepsakes. Scan the paper items and photograph the ones you can't scan. If you need to, add a text document to those folders describing the items and why they are important, like "my great-grandmother Lillian made this by hand and I want my first granddaughter to have it". So if you never get around scrapping it, others will know what it was, why you kept it and what your intentions were for this.

Have slides? I have had lots of success bringing them in to be copied to CD. The dpi and overall quality has been fantastic. I've been taking them to Walmart, who is charging me about $20 per 100 slides (one reel). I have about 6000 slides total. Here's a list of layouts I did with those scans they made:

Mother and Daughter
Just Tim
That's My Dad
6000 + Slides (digital photos only)

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