Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Headers Etc

I just made a new post over at Needful Blog Things. It's my blog related design freebies blog. I haven't done anything over there in over a year, wow! If you are wanting blog things, check it out. The site is going to grow into something as fabulous as Totally Templates and the Freebie Vault. I have found some of my goodies that were intended for uploading at NBT but obviously didn't make it because of the external falling off the dresser.

Now to quit posting and to fire up Gimp and PSE. I have two new kits coming up, Berniece Adelle and Spring Attacks Autumn that desperately need my attention.

Sending some love back to all of you and unplugging the internet for the day!

PS: Walmart had on display a gingerbread house, but for Halloween. Way cool! Don't know why I hadn't thought of that since I've done them for Easter. I'ma nerd and proud of it.

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