Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking and Genealogy

Here's what I did with my time today:

Digital Scrapbooking and Genealogy

I went through and cleaned up a bunch of things on my genealogy website and changed some things. I added a section on digital scrapbooking to go along with a presentation I am making in November. Tomorrow I get to surf for bad links.

If you go over there and browse the pages, post back here what you think, if you found any typos or have any additions. Between my disorganized short-handed notes and coding the webpages, I had to take a little one to school, cook dinner, deal with a neglected cat and field many phone calls. I could use the nit-pickin' from you guys since I know you'll be brutally honest. I wish Geocities had a nice spell checker.

I'm tired and lazy right now too. Anyone have, can make or know of a list of scrapbooking terms? Or anything else that would be a great addition to the pages?

I have a dial-up section in case the graphics are too much, I just added the word low between the word scrap and the page number in the URL.

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