Friday, October 10, 2008

Lately... and an IMPORTANT tip

I'm hanging in there. I have been working on smaller file-sized projects and uploading them to posts scheduled days in advance in case I end up without a phone line too.

I've been getting all of your emails and in response, I am mailing out CD's on Monday for the Xandar and Korynne Kits for those 4 that ordered them. I'm going to finish the 3rd kit and make a 4th and offer that as a CD package until I can get them online as well.

I have to thank Tammy (Bunchie) for all of her hard work adding extra 4shared links for those that were having the occasional problems with 4shared and Filesavr. She of course has her projects too but plans on getting the PNG's for the templates made. I suggested doing the more unique ones first since I think many of you can handle the circles and squares without those PNG's. Hang in there. She can get them up a lot faster than I can and she also has been added to Totally Templates as an admin. For those that are new, you can find her link in my sidebar under my Quick Page Team. She has her own mini-kits and quick pages that are so sweet and they mix and match very well with her other kits and kits made by others.

I have a bit more time on my hands now that it's colder outside. I have some things I have been wanting to do, partly involves slaving over the snail-speed downloads grabbing more CU brushes and element templates to make better kits and goodies. I have been searching through PD and CCL images for extractions. I've also been wandering around on my walks looking for things to photograph. I noticed many of you like to take scenery and add extracted family members and other elements. I will have some of those available in the near future.

Speaking of images, I have found something so terrific... a gal who scraps pages and at the very bottom edge she burns in the page credits right into her layout.


Without making a brush, I think the easiest way to burn in the credit would be by using layer modes. I recommend using a brush for those designers you use over and over.

Create your text in a simple font, like a typewriter font, one that won't detract from your layout. Keep the credit simple as possible, the designer name was all she used. If she was one of the designers, she put her own name.

Your text color does make a difference on the final results. A dark (not too dark) color from your page seems to be the best.

Set your layer mode to burn for lighter pages and dodge for darker pages, or experiment with the other settings. You also might want to duplicate this layer as many times as needed to get the correct burn/dodge effect. Sometimes changing one of these layers to a different mode works.

Now you'll never lose credit of your sources and if you post your layout with a larger version, it might also be readable by all (but the idea is to have it subtle).

I think there are other ways too, like having a white border around the layout and typing the credits in a very light gray in the white border. You might be able to find other ways like I Spy and Where's Waldo by tucking those in your layout.

Here's also another reminder to take a photo of your house as it looks in fall, for those 4 season pages. And if you are taking photos of the family, get them on the porch or wherever. I keep taking photos of my son Nicholas against the fountain in town. The fountain isn't going anywhere and isn't on private property so it's a great way to show how he's grown year to year. (If you do this at home and happen to sell your home, you can't keep doing this.)

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