Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mailings and Tool Tips

I have sent out several CD's today that has the 4 kits on them. Meant to get them out yesterday, but spent time fighting with my printer. I have a new ink cartridge in it. I printed 5 photos last week. This week it says there's no cartridge at all. I've tried everything to get it to work. It's $32 for a new one! Anyway, mailing out CD's to you is so much fun! Thanks to all who purchased them. Tammy or Dawn will try next week to get zips up for the store so you can download instead of waiting on me and a CD. Tammy has worked so hard getting you alternative links and png files of my templates for all of you. Send that angel some love!

Tool tips... I started posting some how to's on using tools and tricks for Gimp. I'm sure users of other programs can follow along since many of the steps are similar. The first one I did was about recoloring. This should be of interest to everyone. Mind you, as I blog I have a tendency to get interrupted by large and small children (some children are of the adult kind, and they know who they are). So at times I might run on a tangent or skip a thought. Please forgive.

To read up on these tips and tuts, visit my Gimp Tutorials blog. Make sure you read the comments, as readers do add to the blog some wonderful information. Add yours too. And keep in mind, I don't know everything. I'm passing along what I know and what works for me.

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