Monday, October 13, 2008

New Layouts - Scrap Tips

This photo I scrapped was originally 600 pixels. I had to stretch it so one side was 3800 pixels, which made the image too blurry. Since it didn't blotch or pixelate the photo, I added two overlays. One I set at overlay mode and merged. The second one was the same overlay, rotated, layer mode set at burn, opacity lowered a bit and then merged. I also took a copy of the left side of the photo and put it on the left side of the layout for consistency. I heavily altered a CU floral stamp from Cen. I colorized it with layer modes, hue/saturation changes, added centers that I liked, added additional stems and threaded through a taggie. The tag is a CU shape from Jillybeans and the cardboard was cut out from her preview image of the shapes. I added some glitter to the tag edge and an overlay for texture. This is one of my favorite photos of my dad. Marigolds were his favorite so I wanted the flowers to match. I purposely left the big gap. I like it the way it is, but I may add some journaling down the road. I haven't decided yet. Dad's name at the bottom was done in the Texas Hero font, layer set on burn, opacity about 60. I did the same for the date, in the Pica font, and the credits. Those are hidden in the upper left, unreadable in this copy but are on my hi-rez.

This is a layout that I used Template 164 for. I added extra strings because of the dark colors I chose. Basically this is a recipe page but it also tells the story about the 'cook'. Clicking on the photo will get you a larger version so you can read what it says clearer. The scrap tip with this one has to do with the nice bright googled images. They were too bright for my layout but these are the photos I wanted to use and I didn't want to extract them and put them on a darker background. I didn't think that would go well with what I intended. So I toned down the images without ruining them by adding a grunge overlay. I did the same thing with my main photo. I did have tomato vine elements on the layout but after I added the story it looked too cluttered for my taste. Credit was added to this page too, bottom left, burned in and legible on the hi-rez copy. Fonts used are Blew Bold and Eraser Dust.

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