Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rar Files Fear

I still read from time to time the confusion about rar files. In digital scrapbooking you'll run across rar files frequently, especially when downloading from a designer from Brazil. Seems they favor the rar files over zip.

What is a rar file? It's a cousin to the zip file. Basically speaking, it's the same, however because it was developed by a different company it has different tool options and compression ratios. No different than choosing a GM or Ford product. It's a matter of taste.

I have uploaded rar files in the past. I can get them to zip up smaller and unzip more reliably than using Winzip or Windows compression utility (which are different programs by the way). The program I use is called WinRar and for the uses we typically need it for I can get by on the free version. You'll need to purchase a license in order to unlock all of the goodies. If you don't purchase it, consider a donation, which is what I did. Even a dollar helps. It doesn't get you unlocked but it does provide some money back to the company you got your software from.

It's a great program to have and when you right click on a file the program is already available in your menu. No need to open the program then search for the file to unzip. I'll use WinRar to unzip several (sometimes over 100) zips at once, with several unzipping methods to pick from in the same menu. It'll unzip zip and rar files at the same time. And you can choose between zipping up as a zip or rar file. Adding passwords to the files during zipping is very easy and I find it's easier than earlier versions of Winzip I've tried.

The zips you download from me are nearly all zipped up by using WinRar as a zip file.

Rar files and the program WinRar are nothing to fear about and as a digital scrapbooker, a must have in your arsenal of tools.

ACDSee 10 does not browse or open rar files, which is the only downside, but by double clicking on it in ACDSee it does open the WinRar control panel where you can do your work. I just find right-clicking on the icon in Windows Explorer a lot easier than the control panel.

To view reviews or download WinRar click here.

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