Saturday, November 22, 2008

2.5 Gig CD and Other News

Over at Ditters Doodles main I posted info on how you can get 2.5 gigs worth of kits, alphas and papers at a discount.

I also have been creating more detailed previews for you to see the entire kit.

There's a delay on uploading the newest kits to the store. Tammy had a computer crash and Dawn has been super-busy. It won't be long before they are up.

These two kits are so new, not even Tammy and Dawn have them yet. I totally couldn't contain myself and had to post the previews. You can get these on the CD order right now but it'll be 2 weeks at least before they are up at the store unless I can arrange something else. Uploading on dial-up is so much slower than downloading, and I think most of us know how bad that is. I don't know how I did it before!

I have reached a creative block on the hometown postcard clusters, but don't worry, I'll get them done. I'm not taking anymore "orders" for them. I'm going to finish my list and post them all at once, along with a template of sorts for those that want to do one from scratch. You're on your own with the text-on-a-path part, lol!

Other projects I'm finishing are The Button Box, The Jewelry Box, CU Overlay Pack, Pedigree Chart Maker Kit and more word art template blocks.

I have templates completed thru 252. Yeah, I know!! I'm glad all of you are enjoying them. Forum here, forum there, I see some of you are making some FANTASTIC use of them. I'm in awe how fun, graceful and creative you guys are. And Swoosie cracks me up to no end about how she said she's using many of the templates colors as they are and demanded that I start using a palette for each. HILARIOUS! But not a bad idea there, you may be on to something. Just so you know, she has been taking textures and layer styles and simply using the templates as is without recoloring.

SCRAP TIP: For the overlay and layer mode novices out there, if you add an overlay and change the layer mode, you will see how it looks on the whole project. By merging this to a specific layer, it'll be dedicated to just that layer (or even layers if you connect them), instead of having it on the whole project. Have you ever tried using several overlays at once? You have to be careful when doing this. Merging the layers together will make you lose your effect. Merge them all at once with the layer to be applied to or one at a time. Simply merging overlay1 on to overlay2 ,then overlay3 and finally project layer, will produce undesirable results. Before merging, save your project in layers in case of a problem. Rename each save so you can retrieve earlier parts. I like to think of this as the ultimate undo tool. I name these as "scrappagenameEDIT#". This way I know what page and that it's not a finished project. I've mentioned this before, though I don't think I can recommend it enough. Just wait until you have a typo or display a page on a television set only to find one element out of whack.

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