Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Update

Dawn and Tammy have been working really hard to get the alternate links for all my files and the store links up for me. Make sure you stop by their sites as well to thank them for their hard work. Because of them you have more choices to download or downloading files I can't post on dial-up.

I should have the 4 store kits live sometime this week. Those kits are Korynne, Xandar's Blues, Berniece Adelle and Spring Attacks Autumn. For info on those, click here. I can still mail out the 4 on DVD at any time. The 4 kits total 1 gig.

I fixed my webset today (finally). But I'm not doing much. I think I broke my thermometer when my temp rose to 103.5 last night. Didn't help that our water heater went out. We had 2 inches of sand in the bottom of it from a recent road construction project. You better believe the city owes me a water heater! It wasn't until after 11 when I could take a shower, even then the water wasn't warm enough. It seemed the luke warm water burned my skin. I'm still miserable today. Tomorrow night I'm a speaker with the historical society about digital scrapbooking. I hope I get better fast. Temp this morning was 102, then 100 and back up to 102. I have a big fluffy pillow, fluffy comforter - freshly washed, darkened room and plenty of popsicles. I also have a friend that has stopped in and will again before my boys get home from school.

Projects I am working on: I have half of the Hometown Postcards done, started prepping a kit of ellies called Lil Runts, started kit called Apple Butter. After all of those are done I want to get some holiday kits completed in time for all of you to use them in your holiday cards and decor. I was asked about the Monday Movie Kits and other themes I have started... once I get my DSL back I'm sure I'll get back to them unless I can create something smaller sized. I was having fun with them too! I'll at least get the movie themes going.

My fluffy pillow calls. Hope all is well with you.

Totally Templates has posts scheduled thru mid-December, so there will be a post each day whether I sign in or not. And Tammy has gotten the 4shared links done. All files have the png's included.

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