Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Kits Posted

All of my kits have been posted, except for Bobbi-Alice, Apple Butter and Grass Stains. Those I'll get to sometime tomorrow. I just had a hard time wrangling previews and stuff tonight. I still have detailed previews for Berniece Adelle, Claudine, Bobbi-Alice and Apple Butter to do yet.

FINALLY: You can grab Claudine, Isadora and SinahAnn - the kits I've gotten emails about. Those are posted at Ditters Doodles and at Lulu, ready for you to purchase and download. DD blog has direct store links for each kit.

Christmas cards? If you are making your cards, consider grabbing some of the Exquisit Alphas. The gold, silver and red are perfect for this time of year and the font is a classy choice.

Freebies?? No time, though I have thought about a hodge-podge goodie bag from store kits. We'll see.

That's what's on my mind.

Do you have any layouts using my stuff to share??

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