Friday, August 14, 2009

I've been busy

I had to sidetrack for a bit. I was hired to do a memory book with one of my kits and it had 100 layouts. I took my time on it so it would be more than what she expected. It went over very well, she was estatic. Now she's just waiting for it to come back from the printer (think she used Lulu).

Besides that, I have a part time job plus I'm struggling to get repairs done on the house that will allow me to move in the rest of our furniture and belongings. We did manage new carpet. Still waiting on kitchen cabinets. The built-ins were made with formeldahyde-based plywood shelves. So all I have are upper cabs and my dishes are everywhere, on the baker's rack, counters, on top of the refridgerator. Makes cooking a blast I tell ya!

I do have another kit in the works and expect by the beginnig of the week to have a goodie bag from it available. I can't believe how crappy my newest items download counts are. I'm used to 3 figures.

More templates are coming too.

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