Monday, March 14, 2011

IMPORTANT: Need your input.

Okay, you are my fans so I want to give you what YOU want more than create what I feel like creating.  Should I always put an alpha in the kit or just offer the alphas separately, or do you have no opinion either way?  At this point, I think everyone has a vast variety of alphas from kits, etc. and most are pretty versatile.  I'm trying to get kits out and also save on download size of these.  The papers I do can be huge.  In the past 10 kits, I think I've only done two alpha sets.  So, please leave me your thoughts in the comments and after a couple of weeks I'll make my changes accordingly.

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Danese said...

I agree with you about your past alphas being so versatile. I would like the alpha seperately myself just because you have made so many different ones in the past to choose from and if someone wanted to buy the alphas along with the kit they could choose that option as well. Just a thought. I love your designs :)