Friday, September 07, 2012

4shared Troubles and Download Sizes

I did notice a comment about 4shared recently.  It's not on your end, specifically, it is a bug on their end but you can fix it, sorta.  Try back at another time or refresh the page.  I had some trouble downloading some CU overlays from Scrapping Cop yesterday and again today, with diligence and patience I managed to get them.  Hang in there, you will too.  Hopefully they will resolve it soon.

If you are having issues with the large file sizes, feel free to speak up.  Most people in our hobby are used to large downloads at this point.  I don't know of anyone still on dial-up.  I do know some are on a bandwidth restriction, for instance users on satellite or DSL.  I can burn the items to a disc and snail mail them, but I do currently charge $20 a disc (4 gigs max) for the time and cost involved, even if it's originally a freebie.  Inbox me at for ordering requests and arrangements.  Comment below if it's just a download size issue.

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