Monday, October 15, 2012

Concerned About 4shared

I've always had issue with 4shared and their constant changing of things, well now it seems their ownership is changing that has several concerned.  Here is a couple of posted one blogger had with them that pretty much was the icing on the cake:

Now I am searching for reputable, and right now free, storage solutions before I continue to upload my work to share with you.  I have been wanting to get old kits re-issued once winter sets in.  I am an outdoorsy person and a photographer, so during warmer months I do drift away from this blog.  I'll be back but I need your help.  Seems Mediafire and Skydrive that Jerry in the links above uses are pretty good.  Rapidshare lost me a while back.  How's DropBox doing?  I'm not doing a whole lot of downloading these days due to having a bandwidth limitation on my U-verse internet... living in a house full of gamers and not having cable (yet having Netflix, Hulu), we eat bandwidth like there's no tomorrow.

If you made it this far... please post in the comments of the matching post if you find a broken download link.  I'll get them removed (I hide them in draft mode in case I just replace the link).

Thanks so much! Miss you guys.  I'm not totally gone, this is just part of my cycle.  I have a handful of you that has been with me since 2005 that know this very well.

Hugs and well wishes, until next time!

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Angel Rose said... is used by TLC creations, and several others. And it's free, if you're looking for a good reputable site to upload things to.