Monday, April 01, 2013

Reissuing Everything

I have started reissuing all of my files.  Now that all of them are located, reorganized, and 4shared has changed some of their rules, I can share them with you again.  I want to thank you for the emails and being patient.  I have some followers that have been there from the beginning (2005) and some that have gone online and did a little work here cleaning up my links when life took me away from scrapbooking.

Now I have some questions for all of you:

1. Do you want me to continue to design?
2. Do you only use other's creations or do you make your own, or both?
3. If I continue to design, should I do kits or just do papers? What do you use most?
4. Should I make more templates?
5. How often do you use extracted elements that are lifelike? Love them?


Anisah said...

1. Would love you to keep designing.
2. Both.
3. I use a lot of CU elements.
4. Templates are good as well.
5. I love nature extracted elements.

Thanks so much for sharing your designs!


HS said...

Thank you Anisah!

CampingGirl said...

I would love to see you continue designing. I have been downloading from your site for quite some time and can't tell you how much I appreciate all you do.
2. I use both
3. Kits
4. I don't use templates much. I like to do my own layouts.
5. I am not really into extracted images.
Thanks so much